23rd February 2012, by Vianney

Last Thursday was a very hot day in Bali. I know that it is a common thing in Bali but even my kids were telling me “It’s hot kak Vianney”. Anyway, my day was very normal I taught class 3 (Class 3 is my favorite class, I taught them every week since I arrived in Bali on January 5th, there is a very good feeling between us) English and after my class they have mathematics with our local teacher Enni. At the end of Enni’s class it was around 4 pm. The children asked something to Enni and then she asked me “Do you want to swim with the kids?” I immediately said yes and jumped in my swimsuit. The kids were very excited. Enni told me later that they really wanted to share this moment with me. Because they know that I will leave soon so they want to share a lot.

So we all went to the beach near the center the kids were running, laughing and screaming. And when I went to swim they were like “oh he’s really doing that’s so cool” So they all “changed” so they could go in the water. And we played for like an hour, swimming, jumping, trying to catch small fishes. And at the end there was even a sand battle, which was very fun. Enni was literally dragged in the water by the kids. At first she didn’t want to go in because she didn’t have any swimsuit, but also because she cannot swim. Because even though Balinese people live on an Island most of them cannot swim! But she ended completely wet and in the water.

I would like to thank the kids of class 3 and Enni for sharing this with me.


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