25th December 2011, by Eli

This past week at the Bali center, we had a great time with the kids. The classes were smaller because the children are on holiday, but they still come as happy as ever. We now have 4 volunteers at the center so it’s nice to have a full house and the kids get a kick out of meeting the new volunteers.

The highlight for the week was Shinta teaching her class how to sing ” you are my sunshine.” Shinta taught them how to decorate suns and make hats out fo them, which the kids loved. It was very cute to hear them sing the words, some louder then other, and mostly at different times. After a few tries the children really got it and were belting out the lyrics in unison, all wearing there self made sun hats.

All the volunteers here took a house trip to Ubud for the weekend to celebrate the holidays. We rented a couple motor bikes and caravaned there. We went to Monkey Forest Sanctuary and walked around. For Christmas day, we met up with some past volunteers and went out to a great lunch overlooking the beautiful rice fields. It definitely felt like a little family getting together in paradise to celebrate the holidays!


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