27th February 2012, by Shuxiang

This week in the Medan center was amazing. At the time when we arrived at the center on January 14, we were surprised by the decorations such as those cute pictures on the wall as well as some special maps and photos. As a result, we were soon fallen in love with this big family and looked forward to teaching lovely students. Although the food stalls near the center do not look very appealing, the food was absolutely delicious. On a weekend afternoon, two lovely girls, who were supposed to be our students, came to the center and taught us basic Indonesian words. Later at around 6 o’clock, Ella and I had our first class to taught students some basic English words such as clothing. Some students in the class were naughty and some were quite. Most of them were used to write down everything on the blackboard but few of them really read their notes. At the end of the class, we played a small game which involved new vocabularies to make students happy. In addition, there was a special meal is cooked by ourselves but it was not that good since we didn’t have sauce and other necessary things to cook the food.

After this month, I become more independent and learn to how to solve problems on my own. The cat, the unsophisticated Children and the big smiles on their face, I will never forget.

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