29th January 2102, by Min

I have been in IHF Jakarta for about two weeks and I am really impressed by the computer class SD 1 named Tree in Jakarta center. These kids are about 8-10 years old and like being focused, which makes the class a lot fun.

Pricilla, a small girl with big black eyes and curly hair, is among the more diligent. She was very shy at the beginning in the first class and did not dare to say a word. I tried to talk to her and give her some candies as the reward of answering my question. Gradually, she is willing to talk with me and call me ‘Miss’ for lots of times.

Randi, another thin and small boy with brown hair, is very out-going and active, who usually be viewed as my little ‘translator’. What’s more, his face is quite impressive, looking like a Hong Kong movie child star very much.

Abigail, a beautiful girl with long straight hair, is very willing to help other and it seems that she gets along with other very well, no matter girls and boys. She was specializing asking questions and always had many strange and interesting ideas which made me very happy and satisfactory.

I am very happy to be with this group of kids because kids often give you something far beyond your imagination and this tends to fill life with joy and surprise. Even though we are from different countries and hold different beliefs, I feel no barriers when playing with them. As a volunteer, I obviously love to give, and that has brought me valuable stuffs such as Learning and Sharing.


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