5th February 2012, by Shuang

The happy family in Jakarta center

When we first arrived at IHF center in Jakarta, Ade introduced the whole center including their family. It is a family which is small but full of energy. There are five members as well as a lovely cat. Nia and Adi are the two other children staying in our center. Both them are 11 years old. Nia is a cute girl. It seems that she smiles all the time and her smile is very charming. Adi is a shy but handsome boy. Adi likes animal very much. He has a turtle and some small fish. He gave name to every pet and also introduced his little friends to us. We usually play games after dinner. It seems that Nia and Adi will never run out of energy. Every time they are still energetic while we are tired. We also play Uno together. Nia and Adi are very good at it. As a beginner, Ming and I always lost.

Ayn and Ade are older than Nia. Ayn is a quiet and kind girl. She helped us a lot. She told us where market is and where to buy the SIM card. In addition, she also brings us to change money. Ade is our director. He is also very quiet. However, he likes music very much. According to our friends who live in the first floor, Ade always listens to the music in the early of morning, which wakes them up every day.

Our house mother, Rini, is very kind and we all like her. She cooks well. Meal time is a happy time for all of us. Rini takes good care of everyone and we all love her

In conclusion, it is a happy family full of love. We had a happy period together. The life in Jakarta will become a valued memory for us.


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