8th January 2012, by kate

I arrived in Bali three weeks ago and I’m sad to say it is my last night here. It has been such a wonderful experience for me thanks to all the amazing people. Whether it be the people who live around the area, the cute little kids or the awesome volunteers/director, they’ve all been wonderful and incredibly friendly, making my time here fantastic.

I mainly taught two classes, class 5 and juniors. Class 5 was great but a little big which at times proved a bit difficult but we managed. I think I was also a little to lenient with them because towards the end they became much naughtier and harder to control. The juniors class was only two girls which was fantastic and gave me plenty of time to work with them and improve their English.

Outside of my teaching duties much of my time was spent relaxing and taking in the beautiful scenery and quiet way of life. Each day I enjoyed various vegetable and rice dishes which were yummy and kept me eating healthy. I truly am going to miss this place all the people who make its existence possible. Goodbye Bali centre, you’ve been great!

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