9th January 2012, by Eli

This week at the Bali center, we welcomed back the children from their holiday with a huge number of children this week.  Man, were they excited to see us. They ran up there walkway kicking off their shoes and talked to other children and the teachers at a million miles a minute. It was great to see their smiling faces again, even if it felt a little overwhelming to have the center teeming with children again. Classes were fun , as each child had a little more vigor behind his answer and was able to keep his attention focused on us a few minutes longer, which makes the classes better for all the students

The adventure this week was when Shinta had to leave for the day to pick up our new volunteer, Viennay, leaving me as the sole teacher. I was nervous heading into it because while I was teaching one class, I wondered what trouble the other children could be getting into around the center. But to my relief, the afternoon went smoother than I could have imagined and the children who I had never taught before earned an A+ in my book for being so happy and making the classes awesome.


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