9th January 2012, by Jared

You know that really dark wood is called ebony? It is very hard, very precious, and actually so heavy it sinks in water. But I learned something new about it in Kenya. The outside of the wood looks very much like most other trees. It is the core that is so strong and dark. The bigger the tree is, the bigger the ebony core. So when you see a large object carved from ebony, you know it comes from a massive tree.

Learning more about this tree made me think about something concerning children here at IHF Nakuru center. I saw the strength of ebony growing within them, as I observed and talked with those children. Our children here are no different than any other group in that some are quiet and others, well, not so quiet. But most of them have inner potential to get strong like a piece of old ebony.

Rojash, a 15-year-old boy, is one of them. He is talented, and speaks quietly.  He is the eldest child in his family, with 4 other younger brothers and sisters. His family in Pokot, Kenya is not able to afford education for him and sent him to IHF Kenya orphans’ house. He constantly feels the responsibility to provide better life to his brothers and sisters in Pokot. He studies very hard and has always achieved an A grade in all his subjects. In Kenya, the government will pay education fee for a student who can achieve all As in all subjects. Rojash now goes to school for free. Whenever you talk to him, you can just feel the nice, soft but strong heart within this boy.  He has this inner strength that allows others to lean on him in troubled times.


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