10th April 2012, by Farah

A special thanks to the two men who offered to get IHF truck fixed!! It would’ve cost us a lot until they decided to help through Mr Evans!!
Also, a big thanks to the two ladies who are local community members. They came to the center this evening with a bag full of girls clothes. The presentation for IHF at the congregration turned out to be a huge success as more and more people know about our work and give.
Today I also had a meeting with Mr Evans regarding building work which will commence soon
Last week, I was approached by Mr Patel at the bank. He showed interest in my work since I was talking very loud! Soon after I left the building he asked the bank manager for my details in order for him to donate papers, toiletries etc. I met up with him today for a brief chat and arranged yet another meeting scheduled for tomorrow morning.
It is amazing how much can be achieved just by talking….

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