1st April 2012, by Hossein

I feel pity. This is my last day in Bali. As the organization needs my
presence in Aceh I should leave here. Although I just am here for
nearly 20 days, I find myself in especial feeling about IHF staff in
Bali and more with kids which coming to center. Unfortunately I even
will not have a chance to have a farewell with the kids which I really
love them, especially class three (pear)I will never forget beautiful
Melinda, smart Ninda, self-confident Gita, pro-active Ari, kind Meri,
loving Arie, funny Devi and friendly Sintia.

I’m also so thankful from Shinta which learn many things to me. And
her brilliant tolerance which helps me to cope the duties, as this is
my first experience to working in foreign country in English which is
different from my mother tongue language. Special thanks to her.

Although I am still with IHF family, but I am sure that I really miss
all the people in Bali, especially children.

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