8th April 2012, by Sy Lap Ho

I accepted to be a Work Study Volunteer for Bali Center, Indonesia with the assignment for 2 months, beginning from 1st April 2012 until end of May 2012.
However, I tried to come one day earlier for a glance at the island that my timeline will be spent a stage, where recorded by the year 2010 with exceed 2.5 million visitors came from many difference places over the World, and where the population is around 3.9 million, among which, about 30,000 expatriates are living and working, all of them are sharing an  area of 5,632.86Km2 land, decade thousand Km2 of sea, beautiful beaches, and peacefully.
My flight with AirAsia departures from Bangkok at 6h30 in the morning 31 March 2012 and arrived Denpasar 11h30 local time at the same day. It was on Saturday, stayed at Kuta beach and I was really enjoined the first weekend in the “Island of Gods”.

Afternoon 1st April 2012, Shinta – the Center’s Director and Agus – Driver, picked me up from Kuta, I would highly appreciated Shinta and Agus for their spending weekend time for me. We have arrived center at about 5pm. IHF Bali located on South East of the island. You could always hear the sound of waves every night and day, feel salty from the winds and enjoy sea view at anytime.

On Monday 2nd April 2012, according to the calendar, class scheduled to start at 1pm, however many kids had arrived at 12pm, it seams they are very keen on learning and the center very attract them with things to play, some kids were using color pencil for drawings, while some others were using laptops with internet connection for downloading music and exploring social networks, some of them were reading books and some of them were practice traditional Balinese dances. In the next everyday, the kids always came earlier almost 1 hour before the class starting time, the house always full of laughs and smiles during has kids. Those have been making all of us feel the contribution of time is remarkable; we need more efforts to improve the center’s activities for the benefit of children. In my thinking, Bali very potential for “Pass It On”

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