15th April 2012, by Hossein

Hi my name is Hossein. I am a new director in Aceh Center of IHF. I arrived in Aceh on early April and as at this time we are working on renovation of the center.

For the moment, Syifa is the only kid who lives permanently in the center with her grandma which works as housemother here and also her mother. She is very course and wants to try everything. With her I have so fun in the center.

Last Tuesday we saw a …. (sorry I didn’t find a proper name) in our garden. It looks like a wild animal, I tried to take video from it, but Syifa cause it run away, although that was so funny.

Here in the Aceh it seems that volunteers have so much fun rather than it seems in the first look.

For me this has been wonderful from my arriving till now.


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