22nd April 2012, by Hossein

Hi everyone, another greeting from IHF Aceh center. My name is Hossein and I am a director of this center. Unfortunately because of renovation of the center we have been obliged to decrease the number of classes in here but our Earth English class held last week. Still think that there is silence by lacking of students here? NOT at all. Syifa and I make the center busy more than one hundred people and it is really fun here. She is our motivation for continue our job here.

Yesterday her mother bought a beautiful dress for her. She is very happy as looks like a princess with it.

Syifa has a pillow that bring with her everywhere that she goes, even when going for shopping and ceremony. Sometimes the pillow plays the role of a horse, sometime her kid and sometime an unknown animal with strange voice. She loves it, and if you want to get in trouble you can take it away from her.

Please find our pictures with her beautiful dress (and of course her pillow) in our blog.

Hope that you can also coming to our center in order to share our happiness with you.


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