21st May 2012, by Hossein

Hello everybody

Please accept another warm and kindly greeting from IHF Aceh center.

This is 20th May 2012 and I hope wherever you are and read this article be happy and have a good fun. This week has been passed with some especial moments. One of them which I really excited to let you know is about Syifa who gets ready to go school in June. We went and bought two shoes, one for sport another for her school and also one school pink bag for her. She is very happy with these things, especially her shoes which have colorful light in its bottom. Please see the photos and find how she is beautiful and happy with even small donation of sponsor.

I think this is a simple example of humanity. There is no need to do big things for helping others. Even with these pieces of action from the far location of the other side of the world, people can make a difference and make a kid happy in there. Although for those who care about other human I think geographical boundaries is meaningless. Especial thanks for all Syifa sponsors who support her livelihood, education and health, and keep this little lovely kid always happy.




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