23rd May 2012, by Jasmine

After a long flight from London I had finally arrived in Bali. My first impression of the IHF centre was how different it was to London! I arrive at the centre at about 3pm and it is very hot and i’m very tired! The centre is in between two villages so it is very quiet and the only noises to be herd during the night are the waves and the occasional rooster crowing! My first day teaching was very exciting. Classes start at 1pm but the children’s smiling faces start arriving at 12pm. They run around the big back yard in the centre and look very happy to be here. At 1pm they run to where there classes are. My first class that i taught were 5 and 6 year olds, they were so small and cute! The lesson was on animals. I would write down the name of different animals then show them a picture, then i would get them to call out any other animals that they knew. They all wanted to write on the whiteboard so we played a game and they climbed up onto the front desk and wrote their answer. Class went for one hour then at 2pm they ran to their next class. In obne of the classes this week they started chanting “swimming, swimming”! The class were about 15 children so the chant was getting louder! Finally when class was over and the teacher said they could go they all jumped in the pool screaming and laughing.
The centre is very child friendly and i can picture myself as a kid again running around outside around the ponds and running up and down the stairs.
Life here is very peaceful but when the kids arrive the house comes alive and is very noisy, as soon as they leave there is mostly silence. At the moment there are two other volunteers, Sophie and her mum Jane, there is Ho who has been here for two months and is leaving next week, there’s Arnau who has lived in Indonesia for 2 years but is from Barcelona, who has also been the director for the last few weeks, then the new director Micah arrived yesterday from the U.S, there is also Azgus (pronounced Agus) who is the care taker of the house, he looks after the centre and us volunteers and the workers. His duties are very broad and he makes sure we are comfortable.
When i’m not planning classes, i go for walks along the rocky beach. The tide is high in the morning so i sit on the rocks or try and walk along them but that is a little bit tricky. In the afternoon at around 4pm the tide has gone out so i walk along the black sand to the otherside of the beach.
It’s currently 12pm so i better go plan for the next class!


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