28th May 2012 by Hossein

Hello everybody

Another greeting from IHF Aceh center. I hope all of you who read this text find it well. Last week I have two new experiences here. First, rainy days in Aceh make complex feelings in my inside. In the rainy days when it is very intensive, the electricity stations got in problem so most places don’t have a power even in the entire of day. Without electricity power people can’t do so many things. On the other hand most students don’t come to class in rainy days. So in rainy days Aceh center is very quiet. So in one hand I don’t like rainy days as it make our center very quiet, but in the other hand I like it as without rain we will live in dry condition without many plant which depend on more water. And many other people who their jobs depend on rain like farmers, etc.


So it seems that everything in this world is not completely bad or good but everything has some aspects which make it to have a good effect on something and sometimes bad effect to other ones.

However last week was not very boring for Syifa as she receives some new things from her grandma and I also had more time to play with her. Please find the picture of Syifa with her fancy bag and drinking container for her school, which her grandma provide for her.

See you next week

And have a nice moments.



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