28th May 2012, by Thibault

Hi Everyone!

Jakarta center staff and kids hope you all had a nice week. Things are going well in here.

First we need to thank and congratulate our fresh volunteers. Alex, My and Sarah truly became IHF Jakarta’s Angels! They complete their teaching duties with great care, and one must admits that kids already like them a lot.

Then, we have to tell you that we are really happy that students keep knocking at IHF door to enroll in our newly advertised SMA (high-school) English class. We had 10 students who applied in a week.

How about IHF Jakarta permanent residents may you ask?

Well, everybody seems to be doing fine. Ade, Adit, Ayu and Nia, after some well deserved holidays, are all back to school and university. Ade, Anissa and Ayu are, as usual, using their spare hours to teach the kids. Ibu Rini keeps delighting us with her great and various cooking.

Will keep you posted about our upcoming center activities, and you better be ready because many are to come!

Bye Take care



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