2nd June 2012, by Nancy

Selamat pagi Jakarta!

It was my first time traveling alone abroad, when I sit on the plane I know there will be a big step on my life, and the change began with a huge ‘surprise’ at the first day of Jakarta! My lovely passport got lost! It is the worst thing that lost the passport abroad, but at 1st June when Thibault (now I call him passport angel) knew that he rushed to the center and we went to the airport while Ayu calling the taxi company. After asking for at least 30 people and run here and there for 2 hours in the airport we finally got my dearest passport back! At that time I found that I’m in love with this place Jakarta. it gave me such a amazing experience I’ve ever had before, and I feel I’m independent right now, and I’m becoming a new nancy not that nerdy girl sitting in the library all the time.

When we came back we started the first English class, I’m so nervous teaching children because I’ve never taught before, but their cute smile made me relax and I had a such a great time with then I wish it could be longer, at the end of the class the 4 girls searched for dictionary and write a sentence on a paper and read to me which I will never forget, they said we like you so much how long will you stay and can we add your facebook? At that time I felt that gosh im the happiest person in the world right now, it’s the greatest motivation I’ve ever had before, I love Jakarta I love IHF children and I love my life!

In the two days I made too many friends, Ade likes horror movie and we decided to watch one together, Adit gave me his anti mosquito cream when I was bited badly by these little vampires, Nia loves play cut the rope and she sings so well all the time, passport angel Thibault is super sweet and kind, he gave me a lot of help and I like talking to him. Ayu told me that she wants to be a primary school teacher when she graduated, the sister who cook for us take me to the market every morning and taught me a lot Indonesian words. Yesterday afternoon girls taught me how to play throwing a ball and grab it with some little stuff on the ground.i also met other volunteers we had a great time with kids and I made a special friend, a little yellow kitten and I named it little tiger, now when I sit down she came to me and lie on my feet or jump onto my lap.

At 2th June I had my first class alone with kids! I was too nervous but after playing a game with them class became so much fun I had a great time also I had a great lunch! It was too delicious. I’ve stayed in Jakarta for only 2 days but now I feel it is my second hometown, these 2 days has made a huge change in my life, I’m sure that during the time I stay here I can also make a change in children’s life, they are too cute and clever I’m sure they will have a very bright future because their positive attitude for life, no matter what they are doing they always enjoying and smiling, that smile can melt everyone’s heart, even when I think of their smile I feel very warm inside.im sure the time in Jakarta will become the most precious memory, and I’ve decided to come back again. Friendly people clever children beautiful scene and great food, I will miss all these when I come back, im looking forward for tomorrow because I know tomorrow will give me new experience. When I’m writing this blog little tiger run to me and lie down between my hands, Adit and Nia are watching TV, Nia is singing twinkle twinkle little star…wish this moment continue like that forever.

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