5th June 2012 by, Chen Di

I arrived at the center in Kenya three days ago. Three days is not a long time, but we learn a lot even every day and every minute. We take a break from the laptop and try to play with children, communicate with everybody. We eat as Kenyans do, though the food is very different from what we are used to eat. Next day, we met friends from Lion Club. They are so dedicated, which we are extremely grateful for. We learn a lot from Lion Club. We realize what we do is far from enough. We sincerely hope that more people can join us and help children to improve their life.

Hope is in their eyes as we can see. Children are eager for knowledge and try to realize something more than their life seemed to offer. We learn to appreciate. To appreciate what we own, what we can learn from children and what Nature grant to us. Hope creates a heaven for us, despair makes a hell for us. Although the life is not satisfied, it is worth to fight for it.

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