5th June 2012, by Shao Dingfeng

Before I arrived at the center in Nakuru, I thought of the situation here for thousands times. I imagined children studying hard, doing homework and cleaning the house. However, after arriving, I was really shocked. The condition here was extremely poor. The first impression is the road, which is made of stones. It is very difficult for vehicle to drive on the rocks. In the center, I find that only a few kids have an approach to education. What is more, many kids will stop going to school when graduating from high school without applying for universities. Because of this, many talents will be wasted and their fate will be totally changed. However, facing too many obstacles, children here never lose their faith and hope. They are very interested in learning and getting familiar to the stranger world outside. They are enthusiastic to all the volunteers and show respect for them, which moves me a lot. When you look at their big eyes, you can significantly understand the source of their bravery and energy. In this busy world, where money and power are pursued by most of people, maybe these children are the real angels, who have pure hearts like crystal. I am glad to be a volunteer here to witness the human positivity.

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