5th June 2012, by Wenta

Today is the fourth day after I arrived at the center in Nakuru. During the beginning time of my work. I felt so good. The people here are nice, the food here is not bad, the weather here is comfortable, everything here is much better than I thought. At first, the children just looked at us with a smiling face. Then, after a short chat, they treat us as their old friends. Touch your head, give you their sugar, totally, we are a family. What is more, the children here like drawing so so much, I give them my pen and paper, they just cannot stop their hands and mind, flower, car, cow, people, goat even the guy they just knew, me is included.

In the night, we had a discussion with the director to arrange our teaching time table, the real work is going to start. I love this place, Kenya, you are my home now.


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