10th June 2012, by Chen

This week, we have been to a primary school where some IHF children are studying in. The principal of this school showed us around, and told us a lot about this school. In Kenya, everything is improving, so is this school. There are better buildings and better equipment which children cherish. Then, we shared a class with 8 grade students. They are so curious about the different culture and desire to learn more about the whole world. We are endeavouring to encourage them to do it, though it is hard to explain some questions in two or three lines, such as human rights, national constitution etc. Concurrently, we also learn much from them, not only the history and social issues of Kenya, but also their confidence and optimism. We believe nothing can stop our pace and every tough thing can be coped with.  Unfortunately, we suffered a lack of electricity for two days, but we are still playing together with laugh all the time. The sky is so beautiful with countless stars which we have never seen before in the town. We love Kenya.


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