10th June 2012, by Dingfeng

Yesterday, we suffered from a lack of electricity. The director said that it was unusual. However, as a child from country, I thought it was really fortunate to meet with such a feast. Unexpectedly, the surroundings fell all in dark and silence except the stars in the sky, which looked like several shining eyes watching the land. Although there was no light nearby, the beam of stars illuminated the dark in my mind and drove the fear away. At that moment, I understood why people here had positive attitudes towards life in spite of a lot of pains. Compared with the whole universe, human being is only a tiny part. Moreover, one man is even minute among 6 billion people worldwide. Everyone has its own obstacles and suffering, which are inevitable. If we could not avoid them, why don’t we just accept them, embrace them and make them a fortune?

Enjoy your life, no matter what happens. That’s what I learn from the people in IHF center.


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