10th June 2012, by Sophia

When arrived at IHF Bali Center, I was amazed by the fabulous scene I saw.Agus, the driver, is so kind and nice that I didn’t find any difficulty to arrive. Everyone is so hospitable! On the street, they will say Hi to us with big smile on their face.

First, Zhuoyu, my partner, and I, found it was difficult to prepare a class, as we did not know to what extent those kids learnt. Also, we have little experience about teaching foreign children. However, with the help of “Bali Data”, we came up with many brilliant ideas!!! We decided to draw some pictures to help them to understand word’s meaning. It is a big challenge for us, as we are not experts in drawing. Nevertheless, we kind of enjoyed searching pictures via Internet and drawing clip art. When children can quickly get words’ meaning and master them, we felt great satisfaction.

The shining point I catch from both SD2 and SD4 students is that they know the importance of working unity and cooperation. Sometimes, when playing games, even from different team, they will help each other to pass difficulties. In the end, they will share the stickers that the winner gains. Although it is not the point of competition, they truly know how to maximize the benefit they can get.

I am very delighted that IHF protects creativity that children have. I am always amazed about posters they drew. Even thank-you letters are creative! Not only did they draw things creatively, but also they think in a different way. Sometimes, I am astonished by the way children think of the world.

I love to see children smile and be happy every day. As they gradually master English, someday, they will become elites of the society!


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