11th June 2012, by Nancy

Hi everyone it’s Nancy on 11th June! This is the second blog which means I’ve been here for 2 weeks, the weather in Jakarta is still so hot but I’m used to it right now, my friends Yerik and Sue arrived here this week, and I was so happy that we have a Chinese union right now :D. We played Uno the day before yesterday, actually I didn’t know how to play it, Ayu and her friend taught me how to play and we 5 sit on the ground and start to play, and I lost twice at the beginning so as punishment they put baby powder on my face! Ade laughed at me and said I’m a loser!! But then I won twice 😉 it was so much fun!!! Everyone has white marks on face looked like Santa Claus.

As usual in the day time we teach children together, I’m so happy that children has been familiar with me, when they called me miss Nancy I felt heart melted, they love to suddenly come out from the door and scare me they also like to tickle me and run away, I feel I become a naughty kid when I play with them. One day girls put small papers in my pocket it said miss Nancy how old are you how are you and I miss you, after sometime a girl gave me a bag of snack I will keep these things forever J. Some elder children added my facebook and talk a lot with me about their daily life and make fun, I feel so relax talking with them.

Yesterday Thibault took us for one day trip!! it was so much fun we went to the museum to see the traditional Indonesian culture there’s so much mysterious there, then we went to the zoo, it was the first time I took picture with such a big yellow snake it is so cute and kinda heavy, Adit and I feed 4 monkeys they are so friendly and cute and their hands are very soft, thank you for the awesome day.

After 3 days ill come back china ive started to miss people here, I will miss Aye Thibault cook sister Ade Adit Nia all the children here and other new friends, I will miss the morning sitting in front of the door ill miss the afternoon teaching children ill miss the evening watching movies with friends, looking forward to come back again, and im sure that I will come back, Nancy and Jakarta’s story will continue.


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