11th June 2012, by Sue

This is the first week that I stay at IHF center of Jakarta and everything is fresh and interesting. After 5 hours flight, I arrived at Jakarta airport and my friend and director pick me up from the airport to the center. This is the first time that I go abroad alone and my parents are so worried about me.  The first impression of Jakarta is hot and its traffic is not so good, but I was so excited about the new life. The condition of the center is much better than I was expected and the children in the center are so nice and warm-hearted. The first night in the center was so nice because I had a good sleep and I was excited about the teaching with children next day. In the next day, the director made a plan of my work and I was happy to do this things. I taught the first class with two friends. The children are about seven or eight years old and they are so cute. We tried to let them understand what we taught and also we played some games with them. And some of  the boys were so naughty and let me it is not so easy to be a teacher. And another class, we make friends with the children and they asked the facebook and we took a picture. After teaching, we need to prepare for the teaching in the next day and we also need to do the some positing work in the internet.All in all, the first day is impressive and happy.


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