9th June 2012, by Shine

I did not realize that one week had passed so quickly until I heard ‘ Have a good weekend!’ yesterday. During the past week I had many unforgettable experiences. Agus who is very hospitable picked me and my companions up at the airport and drove us to the center. On the way, I was amazed by the azure ocean at first sight. It seemed that the end of the road was the sea and the sky was just at the end of the sea. Actually, the scenery on the way was fantastic. At night I was surprised by so many stars hanging on the sky and they looked like fireflies in the reach of my hands. When I lay on the bed I listened to frogs singing and dogs barking, enjoying the time of being close to nature.

On the next day, when I first met the children in the center, they were very lovely and lively. They greeted us, smiling and waving. I still remember how Vera, who is my partner and I prepared for our first lesson. We made good use of the teaching materials former volunteers created, such as pictures providing vivid descriptions of word meanings. In the first lesson, we reviewed words regarding weather and conducted a quiz by playing a game called description and guess with students in Class 5. Although it was a little difficult to get the game across to them, Vera and I played first, functioning as an example. The children were very smart and understood it quickly after we set an example. They were very active and tried their best to compete for stickers which were awards for game winners. Winners smiled big smiles when given stickers. In my opinion, it is an effective way to learn through games.

There was also a love story which took place in Class 1 where most students are seven years old. A little g

irl burst into tears but we did not know the cause. Then a handsome boy explained to us that the girl had a crush on him but unfortunately he liked the girl sitting next to him. We were deeply impressed by his innocent but serious expression. How lovely it was! In addition, we also learnt a little Indonesian from the children we taught. They were quite willing to teach us and some of them were excellent interpreters.

On the whole, I enjoy the arcadian life in Bali and love teaching and playing with children here although sometimes they are naughty.


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