9th June 2012, by Vera

The first week in BALI center flew fast. From the first day in BALI to today, 9 days passed so quickly with these lovely kids. We wandered around to get familiar with the center when we arrived in the afternoon the first day.

The next day, me and my partner, Shine, prepared our classes for the children in SD5. We referred to the previous classes they`d been taught and then decided to teach them about WEATHER. The kids were much more outgoing than I thought. They would come to us and say hello, smiling. Seemed like they all got used to volunteers here.  Another thing I love most about them is that they all came earlier and were seldom late for classes. Kids here are naïve. I love their pretty smiles. The first class we had was a success, at least I think so. The kids were really adorable. They were very active both during classes and after classes. They are easy to satisfy only by stickers. Most boys like soccer stickers and girls prefer smile stickers. We had a game in the first class, more like a small competition. Kids all love competetions. We gave the winner stars and the child who got the most stars could choose a sticker they like.

We had special program in Wednesday and Saturday. In the first special program, more than 30 kids showed up, out of our expectation. We taught them how to fold clothes and pants. They really enjoyed themselves during that one hour. Their work were very cute. Though they vary from different grades, we all had fun that day.  The special program in Saturday was playing games, memory game inside the center, green light red light and eagle chicken game on the beach. Playing with these lovely kids near the blue was just so wonderful.

There was a triangle love in SD1 class that surprised us, two girls and one clever boy. One day in class, when we were playing hiding and finding game, a girl started crying, so me and Shine asked her why she cried. Another girl said she liked him and he liked me. That`s really interesting.


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