16th June 2012, by Chen Di

What an amazing week! We have enjoyed unforgettable time with these cool children. On Thursday, it was the first time that these children had played with Lego which was donated by some sponsors. This gift from their sponsor brings them so much joy. Their sponsor is their only source of outside support and they are extremely grateful and cherish that connected with all their little heart. You cannot image how brilliant they are. They built a castle with knights and guards. They are so proud of their works. On the weekend, we watched Discovery program—Atlas together. It is good for them to practice listening and simultaneously obtain some knowledge about other countries. The interaction between us is great. We put forward some questions based on the video and gave children some biscuits as a reward if they get the right answer. They watched the video very carefully and raised their hands enthusiastically. They did learn something as we hope. Even though they hardly get access to the internet or some  knowledge. Fortunately, these children have incredible creativity and imagination. We sincerely hope more people can protect children’s aptitude and do something they can. A little bit of your efforts may bring these angels a big change!!!


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