16th June 2012, by Dingfeng

As a volunteer, I helped the children in the center with their lessons. Since I am majoring in engineering, I take the responsibility of math, chemistry and physics. Similarly, students should finish their homework at night and correct their mistakes in the exams. Students in the center are in different grades. As a result, they always help each other when there is no teacher giving suggestions. In the process, I learnt much about the education system in Kenya, such as “8, 4, 4”. In addition, I found that a lot of children were willing to attend the universities in spite of the high tuition fee. They work very hard in order to get the sponsorship from the government. However, the teaching condition in the center is not good enough for studying. Textbooks, pencils and so on are insufficient. I imagine when there were enough desks, chairs and books, these kids would all become geniuses due to their diligence. I hope that the society could pay much attention to these kids and help them as much as we can. I strongly believe it will help the children, the country significantly.

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