16th June 2012, by Mengxin

Walked along the sea, I finally found the IHF Bali center. It’s lovely and pretty. The classes are full of the pictures drawn by the children. The garden is fantastic. It’s traditional Indonesian type with a cute swimming pool, and is decorated by lots of trees and flowers. It is a surprise that there are many wall geckos, but they are lovely and definitely don’t hurt people. Because of these helpful animals there are almost has no mosquito. Just around 12a.m., the kids had arrived. All of them were shy but still said hello and smiled to me. Only one of them came to make a joke with me, but after her brave action, the other kids were much more active than before.

My first class was to teach the senior students, I was a little bit nervous because they were just two years old younger than me. However, they were all friendly and smart. Some of them even got the A+ in the test, and all of them learnt very fast. When I asked them the future development plan, all of them wanted to get jobs to earn money. Wish them have good futures!


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