17th June 2012, by Shine

This week my partner and I prepared lessons in the morning. We discussed what to teach first and then began to draw pictures showing the meanings of the words we planned to teach. Actually, it worked out well to use pictures as teaching materials. Also, we provided explanations of new words in Indonesian in order to make sure students could understand. In class, games functioned as an effective teaching method. In order to win, students needed to remember new words as quickly as possible. Every time they got stars they cheered, happy and excited. But sometimes there were unexpected episodes. Once a boy grabbed a comic book from a girl, which made the girl burst out crying. We consoled the girl and talked the boy into apologizing to her. Finally, the girl smiled through tears when shaking hands with the boy. Sadness came as fast as it left.

We also carried out special projects. This time we taught children to fold and cut paper. We taught them to fold a piece of square paper into the shape of a coat. Next it was time to see miracles. The coat was changed into trousers in three seconds, then into a fish, a camera and a ship, finally, a table. It was so fantastic that children were absorbed in folding paper to create different images. There was much fun in cutting paper as well. We taught children paper-cut for window decoration which was one type of traditional Chinese paper cutting. They could cut however they liked and they also created many creative masterpieces.


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