17th June 2012, by Sophia

How fast the time passes! Now, it’s the second week I stay in Bali Center. Still amazed by the fabulous scene I saw when going to the grocery. Still waken up by annoying rooster crow every morning. Still look forward to meeting kids every day.

After one week of teaching, I think I get along well with those kids. Although I only know few Indonesian words, they can easily catch the meaning of what I am going to express by my body language. During the class, I am always impressed by their passion of learning. For example, Ditah, a lovely girl in SD 4 class, she will copy the words she is not familiar with not only in her notebook also in her vocabulary book. I know how willing she is to learn English well. As for SD 2 students, even if they would try to seek help from other students when they are doing quiz, I understand that they want to be good; at least they want to have good grades.

 Kids like games as well as competitions. Special projects are the time for them to show their competitiveness. We arranged several games for them all in the form of competition. For example, in the game of two people three legs, a girl even took off her slippers so as to run faster! In addition, they love to play memory cards. Sometimes, they would play some tricks to mislead others. Although it is not allowed generally, it does show they are willing to get to top!


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