17th June 2012, by Zhuoyu Yang

With time going by, another week has been gone. As for us volunteers, this week is not only meaningful, but also interesting. According to teaching method, my partner and I have reformed to some extent. First, we made a series of English cards with pictures and definitions including English and Indonesian. It is convenient for both us and children to teach and understand. In our opinion, children should not only learn to read, but also learn to write. Therefore, we pay attention to the word spelling and classical sentential form. After following us to learn the new things, we provided some opportunities for children to remember by playing the developmental game. At last, it brings great effects.

On the other hand, we have had special projects with children on Wednesday. We drawn pictures and played game outside. The weather is hot and the sun is big, but we have enjoyed ourselves very much. At the beginning, we played two people with three feet. It means that two people stand side by side and tied the legs together by using the string or a strip of cloth. We were divided into four groups and competed every two groups first, and then each winner has competed next. In the whole time, we have cultivated the cooperation ability and have had fun. It is an unforgettable experience that I have.



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