18th June by Yerik

How fast! Two weeks in Jakarta center is passed. This week, I experienced a lot of things such as Nancy’s leaving, Julia’s coming and tour on Sunday.

Nancy is my schoolmate, and she is really good at getting together with children. All children like her. In my view, this point has already made her become a good teacher and in fact, she does well in teaching. However, she had to go back to China because of her College English Test. Maybe I will meet her in our school campus, but it is hardly for center’s people to see her again. Yes, it is hard for Nancy to leave and it is also hard for us to witness the leaving. Although we know each other only for two weeks, the two weeks has brought us together.

On the Wednesday, we welcomed our new volunteer Julia. She is a beautiful British girl with brown hair. Thus, Sue got a roommate, and we got a unique English teacher, a native speaker. It’s definitely a fortune for children and us.

Yesterday, the big family in our center went out for sightseeing. First, we went to Monument National where we can know the whole history of Indonesia, and it’s useful for a foreigner like Julia, Sue and me. Then we visited Mesjid Istiqlal, the biggest mosque in the southeast of Asia. I don’t know how to describe it by my limited English words, maybe grand, or maybe fantastic. The big golden ceiling, the big drum, the metal wall, all the architectural designs impressed me a lot. In the afternoon, we went to the Mal Kalapa Gading. I thought we finally went from the history to the modern.


Everything is fine during these two weeks. I’m looking forward to the following days.


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