21th June 2012, by Yankun

The first week has just passed and the unforgettable first seven days’ abroad experience has given me, a 20years old boy, a big hit to my heart. Some communication problems sometimes make us feel tricky but the local volunteers will spare no effort to help us to get out of troubles. The first lesson we taught is not that active, either for ourselves or the children. However, the students are still watching you full of warmness and eager for knowledge and we were charged with energy again. Both we volunteers and the student were playing a better and better role in the classes. All we Chinese volunteers are always looking forward being thanked or said goodbye by the children’s behaviors of putting our hands to touch the children’s forehead. We just felt the children are grateful and deep relationship in our spirit has been created by the move at that moment. John and Martina, the British couple who have travelled many continents, really did a lot for the centre. Every lesson they taught was prepared for hours and beautiful songs and posters were presented to fill the classes. On a day off, they cleaned the dining room all day. These really encourage me to do more meaningful staff for the centre in the second week.


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