25th June 2012, by Mengxin

Although there were ceremonies from schools, still some kids came to the special class. So we decided that it was time to redecorate our center. We let the kids to draw the jobs that they want to be in the future on the color papers. Furthermore, we drew weather and ball games along with the English words and put them on the wall of the classroom. These were all we had taught them in the last two weeks. Besides the English, we also wrote down the multiplication and stuck it on the wall. In terms of the wall in the living room, we did some paper-cut, and of course, they are all Chinese type. The most interesting thing is: we also cut a Chinese character which always put on doors or windows when Chinese people marry. And we will let children draw themselves on the small papers, and then these small color papers will be organized to become a big smile. Moreover, we will draw a big tree, and will make the fingerprints of the students to be the leaves of it. Ready for the next special class~

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