25th June 2012, by Quiongya

It is my first week as a volunteer in IHF Bali center, and everything is so new to me. Everyone in the center is so nice, they teach me a lot, tell me the rules in center, show me the nearest shop and even tell me how to make an interesting class for the children here. The center is beautiful, and the students are lovely and hard working.

It is very lucky for me to prepare and attend the graduation ceremony on this Wednesday. About 90% of the students participate; students are rewarded for their attendance and good performance during the year. Every student gets a card to show his or her scores of English and Math. Some boys and girls performed for all of us, they sing and dance.

I feel a little nerve in my first class. However, the students do well in the review class, and they laugh, play games, encouraging me a lot. Boys and girls like to compete with each other in games, and it always gives them a lot of fun.

The only pity in this week is that four volunteer left on Thursday. They helped the center, including me a lot. I hope I will do well in next week.


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