25th June 2012, by Sue

How times flies! I have stayed at Jakarta for three weeks. Though, the weather is still hot and mosquitos always bite me, I think the real life is nice. Everyday, I can meet the cute children and other nice people. This week, our center did some poster to thanks for the sponsors. By asking Ayu who is one of children in our center, I knew that some kind people support the classes and children. For some poor student, if they can attend the classes in IHF every week, they can get some money from the sponsors to help their life. I hope it can help these cute children and also thanks for these kind people.

Last Sunday, we went to Monument National. In there, we know the history of Indonesia and how Indonesia becomes a independent country. Then we visited Mesjid Istiqlal, which is really fantastic. It is the biggest mosque in the southeast of Asia. Many people went there to pray and the atmosphere is holy. This week is still impressive.

However, this also means that next week will be the last week in Jakarta center. I will leave there and it is hard to say goodbye. I will miss the life and people here.


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