25th June 2012, by Yerik

Another week passed and next week will be the last week to stay in Jakarta center. At this time, I think I really like the life here. In this week, we still teach classes as usual and the children are so cute. This week I tried to teach the first computer class and I taught the students how to make a video. It was really interesting to teach a different class. What’s more, the children in our center did some poster to thanks for the support of sponsors. The student wrote down the words and made the poster colorful and beautiful. One afternoon, when I taught SD class with my friend Sue and Julia, a visitor was coming with our director Thibault. She took some pictures and said hello to us and I thought she was happy when she saw these cute children.

This week I tried to make two Chinese dishes for my friends. I got up and bought the chicken, coke, tomatoes and eggs in the supermarket. When I was cooking, a girl came in and said “smell good!, which made me feel proud. All my friends liked the food and I was really happy. Next week, I would like to cook some new dishes for them.

This Sunday, our Jakarta family went to the MINI Park, which contains many mini buildings of Indonesia. For example, we saw the building of Bali and Java. Surprisingly, we even saw the Chinese buildings. However, the traffic is not good and the air is seriously polluted, making the tour a little pity

So, see you next week!


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