24th June 2012, by Yeye

Today is the day for John and Martina to leave.We three girls get up early to have a farewell for them.After having about ten days with them,I really found something different from my former life.They are couple who resigned their own job to travel around the world.I admired their passion for life.Furthermore,they came to Medan center not only for travel but also for education. They put emphasis on the material of classes. They taught us to be serious and accurate about teaching Before they left, we chatted all night long.. And i found their personality are really charming. We talked about different culture and different things we met beforeI  will miss them for whole life.I wish them a good luck for following journey.

Today is my birthday which is spent abroad first time so I don’t expect too much such as cakes or family,etc.Coincidently,there will be another new volunteer with us who is from UNNC,too.The day began at an normal tone.We prepared classes for children.We went out for food.At 6:00PM Louise ,Yankun and the new volunteer came back with a surprise.When i was working on my laptop,i heard somebody singing “Happy birthday to you ,Happy birthday to you ,Happy birthday to you ,Happy birthday to you “I turned back ,seeing a beautiful chocolate favor cake with Indonesian” Happy birthday to you “on it.Suddenly i felt a warm stream flowing in my heart.In the other country without old friends and family companying me but this birthday is the most unforgettable birthday for me.I cut this cake into 9 pieces for everyone.I saw everyone enjoying this birthday surprise.It is really good to share happiness.Finally,we stop playing the cream with each other.But girls were still talking a lot about this exciting birthday.The days here can be both normal and exciting.It depends on how you deal with it.And of course,i really enjoyed days here with so many sweet people

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