25th June 2012, by Amanda

This is the first day that we arrived in Medan. To be honest, the journey
was too long to bear because of the infinite waiting time in KL airport.
Nevertheless, the warm greeting from the director and the exotic
scenery in Medan pleased me quickly. The weather here is hot and wet. It
can be extremely burning in the daytime but quite cold in the night. The
house of the center is spacious and bright with some old furniture. There
is a local family living in the center. They take care of the children and
volunteers and arrange the affairs in the center. Our director Louise is
very kind, humorous and energetic. She introduced us the students, local
teachers and also the little cat Yumi, which helped us getting familiar
with the surroundings quickly. I was beginning to love the place and sure
about that we would have an extraordinary experience in Indonesia.

Today is Sunday and we can have a rest without any classes and work.
In order to kill the time, John invited us to visit the Bukit Lawang with
them. Bukit Lawang is a national nature reserve which is the habitat of
orangutans. We got up early in the morning and it took us nearly five
hours to travel to the destination. However, the journey really deserved.
The scenery turned to be different when it closed to the park. More
and more forests appeared while less and less citizens lived around.
The ticket of the park is cheaper than that of in the China. After a big
dinner, we began to walk into the jungle under the guidance of a local
abang. The road in the rain forest is muddy and narrow. After one and a
half hours’ walking, we arrived at the center of the jungle and met the
first big surprise. A mother orangutan and a baby orangutan hung on a
tree which was not far from us. We took out our bananas to attract them.
They jumpped from tree to tree and got closer and closer. How amazing it
was! We passed the fruits and they ate them quietly. It was unbelievable
that such a strong animal could behave so friendly. Totally, we met 6
orangutans and two monkeys and went through the jungle successfully. It
was a fantastic travel with endless fun.




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