25th June 2012, by Junjie

My memory about playing with children

Before I come to the Medan Centre, I think that we may not be able to be blended in the children. Since many of the junior students know only a little about English, we cannot express our feeling to each other directly. However, twins in the center break my original thinking. Although they may not have class in the center today, they will come to the center to play. At first, I never image that they want to play with our Chinese volunteer for the reason that we never talk too much with them. I cannot remember how the twins and I get close with each other. The truth is we are very good friends now. We play UNO together, have rest together and make jokes with each other. Also, in the class, I interact with them to make the class more interesting and ask them to explain the difficult point to their classmate. The happy time we spend together really impresses me. What is more, the twins prepare language class for us to learn some simple Indonesian. At the same time, their mother always brings us something to eat. Although the most effective communication between us is the sweat smile, I really appreciate their kindness and friendship with me. This makes the journey more colorful.

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