26th June 2012, by Susan

In the first two classes of teaching, the most difficult problem I find when I taught the low grade children is that I cannot express my order or my meaning to them successfully. They always look at me with a confusing look and do not follow what I am saying. My partner Amanda and me should communicate with the local volunteers and let them translate our order. This makes the class not interesting. After the first two classes of Amanda and me, we think we should play with children to build a good relationship with them and try to talk to them in simple English.

When I see students, the first thing I do is to smile to them and say hello to them. We play UNO together, do the decoration together and clean the center together. Although we can only understand each other with the simple English words, we have fun and laugh with each other. And in the class, our volunteers always ask about their name. We try to remember their names which seem difficult for us. I think it is a way to communicate with the children and make them feel respect and important. At the same time, Amanda and me prepare the PPT with pictures for our teaching and use body language effectively to express our meaning. The class is full of fun and children are really active to respond to us.

I feel a sense of achievement in my heart. Although the only language we can understand each other is the simple English, we can make the class active and have fun in the leisure time. Smile, Hello and body language break the wall between the children and me. I believe, if you use your heart, there is no barrier of communication.


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