26th June 2012, by Yankun

The second week has passed full of our efforts and laughing. The first week has helped us to live freely here, then we decided to do more in this week.

We threw our heart and effort to clean every corner of the whole centre, however, the fans or storage room that haven’t been cleaned for years were really dirty and tough tasks for us. At the end of the day, our bodies were dirty, tired and smelled, but we have enjoyed the whole meaningful day.

In the rest of the week’s time, we have made a new wall’s posters and repainted the wall. Sometimes, the students would come to play with us and were always willing to help us with the poster making. We enjoyed the teamwork not only with we Chinese volunteers, but also with the warm-hearted children. Meanwhile, the classes we had always hit the children’s heart and we really enjoyed the class time.

Half of the time here has passed and we are still curious everything that happens here every day.


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