27th June 2012, by Julia

I am approaching the end of my second week at the IHF centre in Jakarta, these last couple of weeks seem to have flown by and I have enjoyed every minute of them.

Firstly, here is a quick update on the food aspect. My taste buds now seem to be getting used to the spicy food, or maybe it just seems this way because I am less generous with the sauces. I also tried an Indonesian dessert, which consisted of a mixture of fruits, jelly and some sort of tasty milky syrup. In contrast to this delicious dessert I tried my first Durian sweet and well I will not be attempting to eat the fruit anytime soon.

This week I have mainly taught the more advanced classes and I am very impressed with the children’s level of English. I enjoy being able to speak to the children and discovering more about them, such as their dreams and ambitions, yet it can sometimes be quite upsetting to listen to the struggles that many of these children face in their life. Many of us from western societies take advance of the things that we get so easily, such as access to further education or a decent paying job. Unfortunately not everyone is lucky enough to have the world at their feet, however these children are extremely appreciative for what they do have and grateful for anything they received. Needless to say many of us should take a leaf out of their book because we have a lot to be thankful for.

On a lighter note, for this weeks Sunday outing we visited ‘Taman Mini Indonesia Indah’, a park that comprises of a small scale Indonesia, including traditional houses for each of the provinces. In addition to the famous buildings from various parts of Indonesia I was able to get an insight into Indonesian culture through the displays of the traditional Indonesian clothing and dances. We also had the opportunity to hold a snake, although it seems that I am not as brave as I thought. After my first failed attempt I decided to settle for having the end of the 2m snake resting on my lap. Should I be embarrassed that an 11 year has more courage than me?


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