27th June 2012, by Xuda

At the week beginning of 18th June, the students up than Grade 3 in IHF Medan Center begin their exams. The exams include English and Math, and each exam during just one hour. It appear the teaching results of IHF Medan Center, meanwhile, the winner of the exam can get the prizes.

In Monday, Junior high school and senior high school students take part in the English exam, and then, the students in Grade 4 have their Math Exam in Tuesday. At the same time, students in Grade 5 and Grade 6 take part in English Exam. On Thursday, the exam for Grade 5 and Grade 6 is Math and the Grade 4 will have English exam.

The content of English examination papers contains vocabulary, reading, the songs they have learned and any knowledge the volunteer have taught them. The children treat the exam as a battle and they prepare it very well. During the exam period, the local volunteers and work part volunteers act as Invigilators and more than sixty of students take part in the exam. The whole exam was in an excellent atmosphere.

“You and me” is a cute cat in IHF Medan Center and most of her time will be along with the children and volunteers in this Center. In IHF, Medan, “you and me” has a unique nickname, it is “the largest director”, because she can go anywhere which she wants and play with anyone which she likes.

“You and me” like sleeping in the daytime and always accompany Volunteers work at night. Sometimes, when she feels hungry, she will wrapped around the working people and touch their heart with cute expression. In the big family, “you and me” is a member and every student and volunteers like to call her “you and me” or “director” and play with her.

She always looks happy, in IHF Medan Center. Because she find her family members at here, the volunteers and students treat her like young sister and make her feel warm at here.

This is the story of “you and me”; she will live in IHF Medan Center for the rest of her life. At here, she has his friends and family, she will be always a happy cat still in the future.

The volunteers in IHF Medan center redesigned the the “My dear room” Wall, and the wall become beauty after they finished their work. The wall consists with three parts; and the right part is about the main photos of IHF Medan Center’s work. The photos include key staffs of IHF Center to come to teach students in IHF Medan Center and the studying students’ photos. In the middle part, two maps, one is Medan map and the other is Indonesia map, hang the wall. Meanwhile,the left part of the wall covers with the volunteers’ photos from 2008 to now.

The “My dear room”wall wastes the volunteers in Medan IHF center two weeks’ time. They designed the blueprint and built the graph with colored paper by DIY ways. The whole event, full of fun, let the Medan center wall become new and beauty. Meanwhile, the volunteers get the ability of teamwork. They use their actions to make the sentence “work hard, play hard” become true.


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