28th June 2012, by Xinyu and Zhouping

In the first week of teaching, we found that children were interested in learning Chinese, and they had Chinese classes in the school as well. So in the courses of second week, we prepared Chinese classes for children. Since they already had Chinese textbook, we first of all reviewed some Chinese words and phrases in the textbook to help children generate strong impression. In addition, we taught them how to write Chinese characters in terms of one to ten. Students are pretty smart, and can master those characters quickly and easily. Volunteers and children all have good days in teaching and learning.






During the day, children all went to school for classes and we should prepare for English class to children in the evening. For the first class, we planned to teach them some new words of fruits, we also painted some pictures for children to improve the understanding of the words. At the class, we showed these pictures to them and taught them the words about fruits and colours. All theses children are smart and could easily remember and spell the new words. In addition, they are interest in learning Chinese, so we taught them some simple Chinese phrases as well. It is such a resounding success class that we are proud of those children.



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