30th June 2012, by Sue

It is the time to say goodbye. Today, I got up late and said morning to my roommate Julia and she said this is the last day staying here, right? Yes, it is the last day and this is the last blog here. Time passed so quickly and everything seems still fresh. When I first arrived at Jakarta, I cannot image the life here and the people I will meet. I still remember when I got out of the airport, I heard my friends Nancy called my name and it seems like that my journey of Jakarta began at that time. Our director Thibault picked me from airport and said hello to me. He is a nice gentleman and he is hard working, everyday he comes to the center and works or teaches classes. In the first weekend, we went the old town and zoo together and I really enjoyed the short tour at that day. During this month, I met nice people and it is really nice to make friends with them. Yerik, the boy from our university, though we don’t know each other before, now we become good friends. Nancy, it is so nice to stay with her for 15 days and we taught, played and talked together. Ayu, she is a wonderful girl and we always talked to each other and I hope our friendship will not ended as my leaving. Julia, is a beautiful girl from England. I am really happy to meet her and share the room together. They all make me know more culture and thoughts of different people and thanks for their accompanying for this month.  This month will be the wonderful memory in my mind. Goodbye, my friend. Goodbye, Jakarta.


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