30th June 2012, by Yerik

It has been the last day for me to stay at Jakarta centre. I just finished my last class of SD3.

The children are so cute and they like staying with you and playing game with you. When we get familiar with each other, it isn’t easy to say goodbye.

I don’ t know how to express my feeling now. I still remember the first day I arrived. At that time, I was nervous and excited and I do not know what will happen during this month. Unconsciously, one month has gone, and I think I have been accustomed to the life here. Everyday, after I get up, I will sit on the bench in the yard, enjoying cool and gentle wind of the morning, together with my breakfast. It is the easiest time in the whole day. Then I will prepare for classes or do some online works. During the class, I enjoy the time with the children though sometimes I am annoyed because they are quite mischievous. In the evening, we usually play cards or other games together. Maybe tonight will be the last time. Sometimes, we just sit together and talk with each other about our countries, our cultures and our interpretations about this world. You know, it is an amazing experience to talk with different people from different countries. Through the conversations, I can understand the image of China and Chinese formed in foreigners’ mind, and concurrently, the differences in understanding the same question about the world enable me to refresh my old knowledge and also broaden my scope. On Sunday, we have a day-off, which gives us the opportunity to look around the city. During the one month, we have been to a number

of famous places of Jakarta and now I know more about its history and culture.

Thanks to IHF, providing me such a great experience !


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